OooH Matron!

Oooh Matron!- Reworked older piece of work, referencing the Carry On films from” back in the day”! British humour from 60’s and 70’s Britain. Times when British families all watched a film together on one of three T.V channels and could relate to the comedy narratives and laughed at the same joke’s. The same actors over and over in different roles, we grew to love them: Kenneth Williams, Sid James and Bab’s Windsor, political correctness wasn’t a issue! Fabulous movies.

The “Carry On’s” Movies a British Institution! Before the days of Globalisation and mass social conditioning!  “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!’

Is That Better!

Appropriate to appropriate, is what I do, media, you tube, film,British/American humour anything goes.”Is that better”! Is an older piece of work that I have appropriated, this is how I re-invent. The continuation of looking, thinking, developing ideas on what I think is right, what I like to look at,and what I like to do, but is it right? have I fucked it up again…! To right, maybe not? the process ,the messing up, the total fuck up !This happens a lot folks, thats life. Tell me, is this better? and so it continues.

Road-runner being chased, Whats up Duck! Catch the pigeon! The Hair bear bunch having a disco, Benny Hill! Larry Grayson locking himself out, because he has “Shut that Door”! So On! Till the next time…….