Smash: 2013


Untitled: 2013


July 2013



Show: 2013


May 2013:


Hot Lips  102cmx127cm 2013

Hotlips: May2013


Fame: May 2013

Gnome Home

Ghome Home: May 2013


Dame: May 2013


Hanne: April 2013



Twat: April 2013

I Love Wilma

I Love Wilma: April 2013

yabba dabba doo

Yabba Dabba Do: March 2013


Untitled March 2013

Bang Bang

Bang Bang 2013 Feb

Bang bang

mile high club

Mile high club: Jan 2013

Dirty Bastard!

Dirty Bastard: Dec 2012

Fucked UpFucked up: Dec 2012

Flag:   May 2012

Beth:   May 2012

Untitled:    15th May  2012

Floor:   May 2012

Code&Dog:    March 2012

March 2012

The Last Supper:  Jan 2012

Terrorist: March 2012

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November 2011: U.S.A

The End   Nov 2011

Oct 2011

Oct 2011: Bomb

Jumbo: Oct 2011

Pegasus: Oct 2011

Oct 2011

Oct 2011

Oct  2011


Julie: 2011

Julie & Paul  Sept 2011

Sharon and Julie:  Aug 2011

Paintings….. information:

Gnome: Nov 2012

Oct 2012:  Killer Chair  190cm x 120cm

Untitled     May 15th  2012

Betty    May 2012

Save Me    May 2012

April 2012Skull   April 2012

Code    April 2012

Nurse  Jan 2012

Theatre   Jan 2012

Dec  2011

Phooey    Dec 2011

Babs   Jan 2011

Kenny  Feb 2011

La Rue   Feb 2011

I am currently developing ideas from an image of myself at the age of 3, anno 1973.
I am on my tricycle in my mums friend’s (Pam Robinson to be precise) garden, looking very 70’s and very happy. When I was given this photo by my mum it brought back so many happy memories. It also reminded me about the excitement I used to have when my mother would arrive to pick me up after work.
I then thought about working on a project where I travel on my tricycle and meet all the most glamorous movie stars from the 50’s to the 80’s. Starting with locations like Coventry swimming baths, as I remember going there and thought how high and massive the concrete diving boards where, and that I could never jump off them. Then to Hollywood or New York on my bike!!!? What an adventure bumping into all these glamorous people. Putting movie stars heads on my very young shoulders. Riding my tricycle like Bianca Jagger on horse-back through Studio 54!!!! How Fantastic!!!!

Over the summer break I have been looking at various artists such as Gerhard Richter, Fiona Rae, Jake and Dinos Chapman,Richard Prince and Takashi Murakami. My work is still referencing celebrity but I am making it more personal and relative to the younger informative years of my life. I am finding that our so-called ‘best years’ of our lives, such as youth, when you get older has slight illusions of grandeur. This is enhancing fantastical images and makes reality and memories of the younger years almost fictional.

Presently, I am working on a large scale image of myself riding my tricycle on the back of Pegasus. This is in reference to my first visit to the cinema with my mum to watch Clash of the Titans where I remember being overwhelmed by the special effects and the monsters.

My work is mainly investigating crossovers in contemporary culture. I look at the periods from 1940’s to the present. Through my narratives I try to bring a  humorous element, I find this allows me to explore and develop my imagery in a more fluid dynamic language so the viewer can identify with my work through their personnel experiences.

Queer   Jan 2011

Kenny   Feb 2011