mile high club

Mile High Club:  Dec 2012

Dirty Bastard  83cm x 204cm

October 2012

Appropriation of popular culture constructing refined,concise visual language for all who look to enjoy.

Fucked Up!!   June 2012

Untitled   May 2012

Untitled   May 15th 2012

Dog, Code & Save Me    May 2012

April 2012

Run  April 2012

Nurse Gangster   Feb 2012

Untitled   Jan  2012

Nasty Nurse  Feb  2012

Feb 2012

Untitled   Feb 2012

Meat    Jan 2012

Jan 2012

Soldier   Nov 2011

Puff   Nov  2011

Help    Nov 2011

Click on image to en-large image…

The End   Dec  2011

The End  Dec 2011

“Off with her head ”  Sept 2011

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